Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kickstarter Project: Beyond Zombies

About this project

This is a story I've been working on for some time now, as a fan of the Zombie genre before it was overused, I always felt that they were lacking something or were somewhat predictable. So I felt that it was my duty to write my own version of a Zombie outbreak that touched on other subjects that would be present in a zombie apocalypse. 
First example is this isn't entirely set in the "apocalyptic" scenario we hear about most, instead this is what I hope will be the start of a trilogy of books, each delving deeper into the decay of our world. This being the first in the trilogy will be focused around the very start of the outbreak, and the way people (over)react, while the government figures out how to deal with the impending apocalypse. 
The protagonist, if you can call him that is the last person you'd expect to survive, an adolescent, mischievous, troublemaker who can't listen to anyone, but would go to the end of the Earth to protect his family. Somewhat based on myself.

Risks and challenges
Its hard being an amateur writer, money is tight, studying takes up a good portion of my time and finding help is never easy.
The first thing to be done is obviously finish the final copy, but if I get funding my first expense will be hiring a graphic designer for cover art, as well as what illustrations the novel needs.
Secondly, is hiring an agent to get in touch with relevant publishers and also getting a good deal on the book. This will most likely be the more expensive of the expenses, and there is always the chance that it gets refused, in which case I will have to self publish, which would be more expensive and probably not as beneficial in the long run.
But that's enough from me, considering most people wouldn't have read this far, but if you have, I thank you very much for you time.

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