Saturday, January 17, 2015

Zombies to depict colonization of First Nations in new movie

A high school teacher in Espanola says he plans to weave a political message into his proposed zombie movie.
Jayson Stewart is preparing to film a trailer for a movie he's calling the "Darkest Dawn."
"Darkest Dawn" director Jayson Stewart got bitten by the zombie bug at an early age when he watched the classic Night of the Living Dead. 
Stewart says he wants to use zombies to depict colonization of First Nation people in Canada.
He said he is hiring as many First Nations actors and crew for the trailer as he can. Filming will take place in Massey and Sagamok Anishnawbek, in northern Ontario.While he is not of aboriginal heritage, he said he’s “been growing and understanding in respect and I've been working very closely with First Nations actors, directors and elders to make sure that this film is not only accurate, but is also reflective of reality.”
The movie’s plot involves outsiders targeting an isolated village for destruction, which he says is a parallel to colonization.
“So they come to it with a very genocidal perspective without realizing that the people in this community will rise up against this attack and will not only survive, but become a lot stronger through this process,” he said.
Stewart said he hopes the trailer will raise awareness and money to make the rest of the movie.

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