Friday, May 3, 2013


1st HOUR 8-9pm EST Zombiepalooza has two commercials designed by No Tolerance Productions & the master zombie designers from GD EFFECTS stop by and listen in as I chat with the cast and crew of Tactical Bacon & Zombiepalooza Radio 

NO Tolerance Productions w/ G D Effects Presents: A Zombie Apocalypse Invasion has occurred, but our hero Joshua will save the day with Tactical Bacon!

2nd HOUR 9-10pm EST WOW you guys are gonna love this one. Please welcome to Zombiepalooza Radio yes, it's Girls with Nice Brains: 

Girls with Nice Brains is a wonderful group of women who have banded together to make a calendar in order to raise money for the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. With the rise of zombie interest Girls with Nice Brains calendar is a sexy zombie based calendar.

3rd HOUR 10-11pm EST Do you love creativity? Are you a zombie at heart? This man has all that and more please welcome local talented artist Richard Say a.k.a (ZombieKing) as we live, laugh and chat all things Zombie Creative.

4th HOUR 11-12pm EST Please welcome one of the winners from an amazing Free E-Book online mini author convention produced by Author Catt Dahman & Gary Munford: 

Welcome Author Edward Cardillo

Terrorists, drug cartels, government surveillance...and ZOMBIES. I cannot wait to be on Zombiepalooza Radio this Friday (May 3rd) evening 11pm-midnight to discuss my new zombie series I Am Automaton and zombies from the point of view of clinical psychologist, discussing their symbolic significance in today's scary world.

5th HOUR 12-1am EST 

Zombiepalooza Radio has been informed that AMC is pulling TWD people from conventions, all media forms including but not limited to: pod casts, tv and radio. Two months ago two e-mails went out to the cast and crew and informed them that they may no longer have interaction within their fan base. This should piss everyone off who has anything to do with the walking dead. As many of the walkers especially have very little pay rate. They make their money off season by going to these conventions, by getting publicity through tv, radio and pod casts. This is something that Zombiepalooza Radio A huge supporter of Zombies from this show is not thrilled about. This Friday on the show last hour is dedicated to those who support zombies and are upset by these new AMC enforced Rules. You can find information about the show and show times here:


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