Friday, September 27, 2013

When Zombies Invade Cambodia You'd Better RUN

Cambodians have always had films and stories about the dead coming back to life, but nothing like the Western versions. Well looks like that might change pretty soon with the release of 'RUN.'

'RUN' looks to be a very promising Cambodian Zombie film just from the trailer alone. The film is being produced by local Cambodian company, Arom Films and is set to be released this October 2013. Here’s the plot of the movie from their Youtube page:
“Phnom Penh is changed after a deadly flu virus spreads through the city, turning its citizens into undead like creatures with a taste for flesh. Join a group of survivors who battle to stay alive through this turbulent event while trying to find out why this disaster occurred. Life in the city will never be the same again.”
Find out more about this film by following them on their Youtube and Facebook page.

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