Friday, September 20, 2013


*Honorary Mention tonight goes to Mr. David Youngquist whom without his aid this show would not have been possible. Please visit his site and let him know you appreciate what he is doing for Zombiepalooza! Radio.

1st HOUR 8-9pm EST please welcome Reno Zombie Crawl they will talk to us about their projects, charity work & all things Zombie Related for all ages!

2nd HOUR 9-10pm EST please welcome Author Brian Katcher he has a unique take in the horror world and will be talking about his many works including his supernatural YA thriller Everyone Dies in the End.

3rd HOUR 10-11pm EST please welcome Southern Horror Author from Mississippi John Prescott who is heavily influenced by King and Lovecraft, and Bentley Little.

4th HOUR 11-12pm EST please welcome SEAL Team Veteran, Educator, & Best Seller Author Mr. Stephen Templin

-Bestseller Lists
New York Times, USA Today,, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly, UK, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Australia.

5th HOUR 12-1am EST From LONDON please welcome Author Adrian Chamberlin.

This is a collection of free horror stories by dark fictioneer Adrian Chamberlin. Early published shorts and tales written especially for this website. From Gothic abbeys to modern day warehouses...ghosts and vampires to psychological horror...something to suit all tastes lies within.

Who has the only ZOMBIE/HORROR 5 hour LIVE Radio show on the Planet? Who brings you actors, directors, authors, SFX, for the young and the old? Who has their very own APP NOW?

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