Sunday, September 15, 2013

Infinity & Beyond celebrates 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead

Infinity & Beyond in the UK will celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead this October with a presentation box containing the 13 variant covers announced, all signed by Charlie with an exclusive A3 (not signed) sized print (for which Charlie has provided art). Price of box set is £59.99.
The box will include the following covers:
1 x Regular cover
1 x Blank Cover
1 of each of connecting covers (10)
1 x Midnight release variant
With each box set purchased buyers will receive a raffle ticket to win the original art used in the exclusive print. Once sets are sold through we will make a draw and the winner will receive the original art by Charlie. Though number is yet to be confirmed, there will be no more than 650 sets made up.
Charlie will then be signing in the store on the evening of October 25th. Attendees must purchase an anniversary set, either in advance or on the event. They can bring other things to be signed (within reason) in addition to the set.
This is the art for the box.
This is the original art.

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