Sunday, September 29, 2013

What To Do Before The Premiere Of Season 4 Of 'The Walking Dead'

Many of us have been scrambling around trying to find something to do until October 13th, the close yet so far away date of Season 4 of “The Walking Dead“. This season will introduce a new kind of walker! I’m sure you have your calendars marked. Me, too. Now, since summer is just about over, it’s only a matter of weeks until we will all be reunited. (And just so you know, those “walks” you often take will not speed up the time. You’re not going to walk out the door and fall into a time capsule. If that could be done, I would have done it back in December! Believe me, I know nothing compares to dried up zombies, good ol’ filthy Daryl Dixon and his bad boy persona, and Carl and that hat!
Since it’s down to some weeks, I’ve decided to give you some pointers, perhaps even choices that will help you better utilize your time. I’m pretty sure most of us are getting sick of staring at the wall. On with the list!
1 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Re-watch the whole series from season 1, episode 1! It can be very helpful although you’ll probably become more antsier than you are now. At least you won’t have to settle for True Blood! Unless you’re still a fan after it went all over the place, then I say go live your life!
Netlfix 9 5 13 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Sick of listening to your significant other talk? Netflix! Well, that won’t tune out your sugar lips, but Netflix can be very helpful! Not just only for movies but for shows! The awesome thing about it is how you don’t have to worry about commercials. Nothing sucks more than 10 minutes of what kind of toilet paper you should use to avoid flakes. If you choose to watch some movies, there are some hidden gems on there. so Godspeed!
3 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Read the comic book, duh! If you don’t mind reading, this is definitely for you and will ease your emotions! I came across some sad individuals who did not know that the show was based off an awesome comic book! How does that happen? How don’t you know? Anyhow, there are about 112 issues that could definitely keep you busy until the season begins!
4 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Zombie camps! If it’s your goal to be Daryl Dixon, zombie survival camp is for you! It’s a hands on, fully equipped training facility usually in the woods somewhere. These courses take themselves very serious because you will learn how to use firearms, defend yourself in hand-to-hand combat, shoot a crossbow, find or create shelter and so much more.
If you want to physically experience a hands-on facility and reading or watching Daryl just isn’t enough, search for the closest survival camp to you!
5 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Universal Studios! Beginning September 20th, Rather if you attend Universal Studios California or Universal Studios Florida, there will be The Walking Dead maze where guests will be able to walk through the West Georgia Correctional Facility, overrun by clumps of walkers! You’ll be able to walk through the wilderness that surrounds the prison, and then stroll through Woodbury, where there are secrets still concealed. Not only that, but you’ll be able to walk though Hershel’s deadly barn with the fleshing eating walkers.
Once again, if you want something physical, this is for you as well! It’ll definitely satisfy your emotions.

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