Friday, September 6, 2013


Children's Hour Friday Night 9-6-13 on Z Talk Radio

1st HOUR 8-9pm EST from the creator of "Zach meets the Zombie" Zombiepalooza Radio presents "Vinnie Meets the Vampire."

2nd Hour 9-10pm EST Pleased to bring back Mr. Tommy Pietch from Face Off. He will be discussing his new projects and talking all things Special Effects.

3rd Hour 10-11pm EST Returning to Zombiepalooza Radio I am pleased to announce Mr. R. J. Haddy from Face Off. He will be discussing his current projects and giving us some amazing insights into the area of Special Effects.

4th HOUR 11-12pm EST Recommended by Tommy Pietch as one one of the many who helps Face Off get their supplies and great offers please welcome to the show Flordia's own Mr. Andy Wright!

5th HOUR 12-1am EST on Call in's welcome @ 330-974-1679
An amazing kickstarter project that is sure to bring chills and thrills please welcome Special Make-up FX and Fabricator Chris Polidoro. He will be discussing his understanding of the SFX world and talk about his most recent project.


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