Friday, September 20, 2013


Stalingrad. 1943. One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies. FUBAR PRESS's first stand alone graphic novel: MOTHER RUSSIA.
Cover Art by Steve Becker
Cover Art by Steve Becker
Mother Russia opens in zombie occupied Stalingrad in 1943. What the war started in Stalingrad the zombie outbreak finished. It’s an open graveyard for 2 million soldiers and civilians.
We follow a young female sniper as she watches the apocalypse unfold from the safety of a well supplied and impregnable bell tower. She spends her day thinning out the zombie herds one at a time. 
Day after day. Month after month, until one day she sees something through her scope she hasn’t seen in a long time: a perfectly healthy 2 year old boy and he’s just stumbled right into the zombie apocalypse.
Mother Russia is one of the first two stories that originally launched FUBAR.  It first appeared officially as a 28 page story in FUBAR Volume 1 in 2009. It ended on a cliffhanger  in volume 1 as I intended to continue it in the next volume, but other projects came up and I never made it back to Stalingrad, until now.
I've decided to not only finish MOTHER RUSSIA but  to start from scratch and re-draw the material that originally ran in FUBAR Volume 1.
I've grown a lot as an artist and story-teller in those years so I'm very excited to share the new work with you guys.
The story will be 75 pages if I hit my initial goal BUT if we exceed that I will be adding on additional short stories by some of my artist friends that help flesh out our cast of characters as well as adding some other shorts of mine from the FUBAR universe.
We've got rewards set up so you can own the book with custom sketches, previous volumes of FUBAR, original artwork from Mother Russia, AND each pledge over $25 comes with the original MOTHER RUSSIA short from FUBAR Volume 1 reprinted as a limited edition mini comic. 
My goal with this campaign is to use the money from this campaign to clear my schedule for a few months so I can finish this chapter of MOTHER RUSSIA and offer it directly to you good folks with some other awesome rewards!

All of these rewards are Kickstarter exclusives and won't be offered elsewhere!

Kickstarter remains the only place where indie creators like myself can come for help to make our passion projects a reality.Your support of Indie comics in general and FUBAR in particular makes it possible for these projects to exist and thrive. I  thank you for your time and  your continued support.  

Risks and challenges

The back end of a kickstarter campaign always demands a lot of attention to detail and the time to reach out and connect the loose ends. I feel that after our previous campaigns that I'm ready to see this project through to its conclusion.

For questions or to make a pledge, check out the Kickstarter page here!

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  1. Cool stuff. I have a book up on Kickstarter right now. This guy did a really nice job with his marketing and graphics. Side note, I used to work with a guy that called himself Zombo at KOLO-TV 8 in Reno, Nevada. He used to dress up like Beetlegeuse and do a pulpy horror movie show on Saturday nights when no one was watching. Hilarious. You should google him. Anyway, you can check out my book here, it features everything but zombies and laser swords: