Tuesday, April 1, 2014

indigogo Project: Zompocalypse: Dead End

"Zompocalypse: Dead End" is an action-adventure-comedy-drama-zombie apocalypse musical! Never heard of such a thing? Good! The film follows a group of survivors as they journey to a research facility where they might find safety. Along the way the group encounters many zombies, cults, and humans who are perhaps more deadly than the zombies. 

Brad Burke (film’s Co-Writer/Director) is a brilliant cinematographer and director. Burke's film, "Our World" was an official selection in the 2012 IRFF Film Festival in the European Republic of Estonia. He is also the director of photography on the forthcoming films “Last Flight of the Cosmonaut” and the documentary “Bomb Plot: Thwarting a High School Massacre”. Other credits include directing the short film “Equal” and being the director of photography for “On the Night: Robert Madge in Concert”.

Olivia Cordell (film’s Co-writer) is known for her experimental playwright style. Cordell’s short play, “The Importance of Being Truman” was produced and staged in 2012. Olivia is also a singer-songwriter who has released two music videos for her original songs, Stay Awake (2012) and That Song (2012).

Davey Porter (film’s Producer) is an award-winning producer and director. His documentary feature, "The Boles Murders", won the prestigious June Lockhart Award for Excellence in Film. While filming the documentary, discoveries made by Porter and his team led to closing the 40-year-old homicide case of a family of four and their dog. Porter also produced and directed the popular children's television series, "Nanna's Cottage" and the spin-off series, "Monster Sunday School".
Our crew consists of several others who are each experts in their fields. We'll also provided a bunch of meaningful internships that help future filmmakers realize their own dreams. 

This campaign is very important to us because it will help see this original idea from production to completion. We need $500,000 to really kick things off with this film. This money will go straight into casting actors, reserving studio space, hiring makeup artists and beginning production!
We have some amazing perks for you guys! Everything from t-shirts to the chance to come on set to be made into a zombie and put in our film! The perk you want is taken? Don’t worry! We will be continuously updating our “perks” section so there is always a perk available for you!

"Zompocalypse: Dead End" is not only a movie with a great story and lots of heart, it also proves that an industry-standard motion picture made on a low-budget can look as good and as big as a typical "Hollywood studio release." On top of this, the film represents a wide range of people; the LGBT community, very strong well-rounded female leads, and many other minority groups that are rarely well represented in "big Hollywood films."

Here's a concise list of our films to date:
"The Boles Murders" (Released worldwide; has grossed 10 times its budget)
"Nanna's Cottage" (Released worldwide, still seen on Sky's "Kids' TV" Network, and TBN.)
"Away In a Monster Manger: (Same release as "Nanna's Cottage")
"Monster Sunday School" (Same as above)
"On the Night: Robert Madge In Concert" (Available worldwide on Blu-ray & DVD. It's on amazon, along with our other films.)
"Our World" Brad Burke's festival selection which appeared at the 2012 IRFF European film festival.

We're nearly finished with our location scouting and getting ready to begin hiring the department heads, as well as starting the casting process.

We're also constantly working on the film's concept art. 

If you're unable to donate money you can still help! Please share this with friends or family members that you think would be interested and able to help fund the project! Also share on tumblr, reddit, youtube, and twitter!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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