Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Okay...here goes nothin'!


Right now, a blogging contest has started for the month of April. I have to post every Monday through Saturday, following the alphabet. (Sundays are a freebie!) I debated a LOT on whether to do this, and finally gave in and said yes.

I have chosen as my topic for the next 26 days, each day/letter I will spotlight a character in a zombie movie that stars with that letter! For example, today is the first post, so that character's name needs to start with "A."

So, without further delay, here is my "A" post!

A is for "Alice."

Alice first appeared in "Resident Evil (2002). She has appeared in every sequel in the "Resident Evil" movie series. She has yet to appear in any video games.

Alice (aka Janus Prospero) is a former security operative of the Umbrella Corporation turned anti-Umbrella resistance fighter. Under the assumed name of Alice Parks, she guarded the entrance of The Hive alongside fellow operative Spence Parks. She planned to expose the corporation’s illegal experimentation with the t-virus, when her partner stole the virus and caused an outbreak within the facility. One of the two survivors of the Hive, she was captured by Umbrella and experimented on by Sam Isaacs, Timothy Cain and William Birkin. 

Transformed by the t-virus, Alice gained superhuman strength and was codenamed "Project Alice". She and several other survivors of Raccoon City fought to escape the dying metropolis and rescue t-virus creator, Charles Ashford’s daughter, Angela Ashford. In the process she was hunted down by a fellow survivor transformed into a biological weapon built to kill her and S.T.A.R.S. officers like Jill Valentine. She is transformed into a t-virus/human hybrid by Sam Isaacs after dying protecting Angela Ashford.
Alice has survived five years fighting off zombies, obsessive scientists and Albert Wesker, the head of Umbrella. As a human, Alice was a skilled fighter and marksman. After her transformation, her natural abilities are heightened and she develops the ability to project telekinetic waves. Believing herself dangerous to others, she isolated herself from other survivors and learned to control her growing telekinetic powers. For a time, she lost her powers and had to rely on her skills as a trained operative however, she regains her superhuman strength when Albert Wesker injects her with the t-virus to help him save humanity from the Red Queen.

-Thanks to the Resident Evil Wikia for additional information!

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  1. Good idea! T should be for the Tarman zombie.. hmm... or Trash the pink-haired girl maybe.. Keep it up! I'll be reading.