Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kirkman Regrets Walking Dead Season 1 Finale

The Walking Dead started out as a comic book which debuted in 2004. The idea behind this is simple enough: A zombie story that never ends. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman wanted to explore not only the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse but to delve deeper into the mythos that so many zombie movies have yet to touch. In 2011 AMC aired the TV adaptation of The Walking Dead and the show has become one of the most successful series in the television medium. However, Robert Kirkman did not agree with season one’s finale as it did not fit into the overall vision that his comic book worked so hard to achieve.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creator Robert Kirkman confessed that his one regret regarding the TV show is the series finale which, albeit was an interesting episode, it did not fit with the overall tone of the show.”If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have done the CDC episode” as Kirkman thought that the events which unfolded in the finale gave away too much information and could have done a better job to conclude the season. In the episode, Rick Grimes and his group find out from a scientist named Jenner that a cure for the zombie virus was not found and that France was the last place where it was reported to be close to solving the problem. The Walking Dead creator states that his story is fixed on one group and is not interested in other parts of the globe : I’ve been careful in the comic series to not say what’s happening in other parts of the world. It’s something that’s going to be fun to explore in the spinoff series. But the fact that France is mentioned in that episode and other things like that, I probably would have steered away from that stuff if I had to do it all over again.”
It was announced way back in 2013 that AMC has in mind a spin-off based in The Walking Dead universe but this time to be focused in Los Angeles and with a whole new cast. In the comics, we follow the story of Rick and his group throughout the series’s entirety. Walking Dead is now one of the highest grossing shows on TV and, like its comic counterpart, it does not plan to stop. The show is nearing its fifth season finale start in February.

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