Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things The Walking Dead teaches us to be thankful for

Now that the “mid-season finale” of “The Walking Dead” is past and the holidays have just gone, let’s sit back and reflect upon what we have learned. Here are five things about the zombie apocalypse that can help us appreciate the holiday season:
5. Be thankful you have basic medical care. Even if you don’t have an HMO, at least you know, if your leg needs to be hacked off to save you from turning into a deadhead, some emergency room doctor will have to take you. Pay later — or wait until the end of days, when bills won’t really matter anymore.
4. Appreciate the little things. Heck, in these apocalyptic stories, people are happy to just find some two year old bag of potato chips. In one episode of “The Walking Dead,” Carl finds a big industrial sized can of chocolate pudding, grabs a spoon, and goes at it. Can you appreciate the little things in your life? Can you get caught up in the moment?
3. You’ll never starve. Even in the zombie apocalypse, people seem to be pretty ample sized. This is the country of plenty. Be happy with who you are. Enjoy your holiday bounty.
2. Giving is better than getting. Listen, in the zombie apocalypse, if you aren’t proactive, either zombies will get you or other opportunistic humans. Maybe even cannibals. So how does this relate to the holidays? By being proactive and giving generously to people — even those who don’t deserve it — you’ll win friends, disarm enemies and make the mood lighter. Then you will be able to take over a prison, hospital, etc.
1. Visit all of the relatives you can. Time changes people, and they may not be here for future holidays. Be active. Get out of your own way. Hotwire an old Hyundai and go visit your loved ones. Enjoy the time you have left, and listen to what they have to say. It’s important.


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