Saturday, July 12, 2014

Always watch out for zombie movies with different names!

Always look around when buying/renting zombie movies. A lot of distributors will change the name of a movie, especially outside the U.S. The variety of reasons for doing so include: a better sounding name. playing up to a specific audience and just trying to make an extra dollar or two. I can't tell you how many movies I have bought that have been rebranded with a different title. Always look around on the internet if you can, because a general search of a specific title can be very eye opening. Below are some examples:

In the U.S., this movie was only known as "Mulberry Street." But overseas, it became "Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street. This was an easy catch due to the fact that The original title is still there, just with a few extra words.


Everyone knows this one, "Shaun of the Dead." But in Spain, it became "Zombies Party."


This one recently came out from Sweden. It's along the same vein as our "Evil Dead" movies. "Wither" became "Cabin of the Dead."


If you can't find any info on a specific zombie movie, There is a great website run by some great people called the 'Zombie Media Data Base.' This is one of the most helpful and informative sites out there specifically for all things Zombie!

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