Saturday, July 12, 2014

Indiegogo Project: BIOLANDS - SciFi Drama Zombie Film

Short Summary

  • I'm Aze Cowley, I'm 17 years old and I am the writer, director, camera man, and editor of this film. Making this film alone is very difficult for me, so I need your help!  I've been making videos and short films since I was 6 years old. Ever since then, my dream has been to become a director.
  • Biolands is planned to be a 30 minute film.  We are currently at 25 minutes and we have many important, action packed scenes to complete.
  • I need the money to buy prop weapons, lights and costumes for the final scenes I have planned for the film. The money will also help me promote the film and advertise on sites.
  • I've worked really hard on this film, my goal is to get it seen by the big productions or big names out there so I can begin my journey as a director.

The Story

In 2020, a highly contagious flu swept the globe infecting 63% of the population. "Malagnolia" was classified as a chronic version of the common cold. For four years scientists struggled to find a cure. On 2024, the cure for the Malagnolia flu was discovered. But the vaccine is revealed to be much worse than the flu itself.

What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:
  • I need $9,000 for props & costumes (Guns, bullet-proof vests, futuristic clothes, futuristic equipment, futuristic household items.) Visual Effects packages from Video-Copilot such as Element 3D, Motion Pulse, ShockWave, and Action Essentials. Other plugins with futuristic sound design to enhance the visual effects. I will also need lighting for the final scenes which take place in a blackout. Lastly I will put the remaining money towards promotion & advertising. I'm planning to start a large campaign on Virool first.
  • If I don't reach my funding goal, I'll spend the money on the most important things for the film such as the props & costumes.

The Impact

  • I've been dedicated to finishing the film. As a kid, I always dreamed about making a science fiction film, but of course I couldn't do it as a kid so I guess that moment is now. My friends and I are excited to finish and release this film so it can potentially be seen by other filmmakers and big names that will possibly further our careers.

Risks & Challenges

  • Without the money we won't be able to film the action scenes we've been planning. So if that happens, we'll take a different route and film scenes that don't require such a budget.  But as much as possible we don't want to take that turn, so please help!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:
  • Help us out! Share this campaign!

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