Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kickstarter Project: Wiener Apocalypse

After years of food preservation research. Dr. Fickelstein creates a formula that brings food back to life.
Around 2008, I (Tom) went to Elf to get a tattoo. His work blew me away. So here we are many years later and I'm still coming up with crazy ideas. And he brings the ideas to life.  Which brings us to the Wiener Apocalypse. I have been doing stand up comedy for awhile. And I had a joke about zombie hot dogs. So next thing you know Elf is tattooing a zombie hot dog on my arm and the idea of the Wiener Apocalypse was born. Elf has been in the comic book industry since the 1990's. His artwork has appeared in (and/or on the cover of) comics published by Image Comics, Basement Comics, London Knight, Brainstorm Comics, Oktober Black Comics, Caliber Comics and Samson Comics. He has also written,illustrated and published his own comic book tilted "Grim City."  So when he asked me what I thought about turning the zombie hot dog idea into a comic book. It was a no-brainer. Yes, that was a cheesy zombie joke.  I've written the story and Elf has made it come to life with his artwork.  We put together some great rewards for backers of this project. We are using Kickstarter to fund the printing of the book. Which will be 32 pages of color and zombies with a twist. We hope you jump on board with the Wiener Apocalypse!  

Risks and challenges

We are ready to send this comic to print. Only a few changes will be needed. Like names of characters from our Kickstater project. The only delay would be from a third party printer. That is why we set the October release date. All paintings, shirts and artwork rewards will be shipped out by November.

Questions or to make a pledge, click here!

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