Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Zombie Army Productions Filming 'Kitty Zombie' TV Pilot In Joliet

Don't be surprised if you see cameras rolling around town on Monday.

According to local production company Zombie Army Productions, July 7 marks the first day of principal photography for a pilot called "The Adventures of Kitty Zombie."

The show comes from producer/director John LaFlamboy, a Lockport Township High School graduate, and Mike Bradecich, who are teaming up with Mike Meyer and Chris Sato from Yokai Films for what the company calls a "lovable family friendly television pilot."

The show will be filmed entirely in Lockport, Joliet and Crest Hill, with a crew of local talent and Lockport Township alumni. Filming locations include Legacy Paintball and Airsoft Park and Legacy 3D in Lockport, along with Statesville Haunted Prison in Crest Hill. Filming dates are from July 7 to 15.

According to Zombie Army, the pilot "tells the story of how Kitty Zombie escapes the evil military scientist that created him and finds friendship and refuge with a group of neighborhood kids in their secret tree house. With the military on his trail and a brand new world in front of him, Kitty’s only chance at freedom lies in the hands of his new little friends. Evil Scientists, Monsters, Tree Houses, Ninjas, and Kitty Zombie!" 
Zombie Army Productions is the same team responsible for designing, building, producing, directing and casting Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead since 1998, as well as the Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier in Chicago. The company also hosts an annual "Zombie Prom," as well as parties and events.Click here to see more work from Zombie Army Productions.

Zombie Army spokesperson Renee Gullo said the once it's completed, the pilot will be shopped around to various networks in the hopes of being picked up.

A screening of the finished pilot is also in the works, but the date and details have yet to be determined, Gullo said.

Check out the "Adventures of Kitty Zombie" website for more info on the project.

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