Saturday, July 19, 2014

Zombie FX Augmented Movie Editor App (iOS)

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Do you want to re-enact the lives of Rick and the other survivors from The Walking Dead right in your backyard without the costs of makeup and other special effects? Then the new Zombie FX Augmented Movie Editor IOS app by Pocket Director is the perfect tool for you. This fresh new app, which allows you to recreate some of the most thrilling Zombie movies such as Zombieland, 28 Days Later and World War Z, makes it possible for you and your friends to become the stars of your own zombie films.

With this app, you can easily create zombie killing scenarios with the choice of rockets, guns and even flame throwers. Almost anything is possible and you can even have the zombies attack your friends. The action scenes are for the most part never ending, and it’s easy to do in just few simple steps: capture a scene shot in your backyard, choose if you would like to have the Zombie running at them or just let the scream of a character set the eerie atmosphere, then finally,  let your imagination run wild by adding an un-dead corpse that crawls towards your characters. Not to mention, you can also create scenes from the Zombie’s point of view by presenting the tension and suspense as to who would be its next victim. While the app is aimed to tickle your creativity, it thus enables you to induce the fine style of film making.

zombie-fx, app, videography, tech, pocket-director

The Zombie FX app gives you plenty of creative freedom, while the new Augmented Reality (AR) app allows you to direct a Zombie movie at any location of your choice. Consisting of about forty in-built scenes along with controls for setting, ambiance and characters, the app even considers the present lighting which adjusts to match with the characters, along with adjustments for the depth of field focus, luminosity matching and light source tracking.
Although the app is only available on Apple devices, it’s the first movie editor for handheld devices—and of course—the final product can be shared throughout your social media accounts. Here are the device requirements:
- iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
- Requires iOS 7.0 or later
- 130 MB of space

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