Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kickstarter Project: Zombie Times

Can a zombie make a living in a world that hates zombies?
Zombie shows and zombie themed stuff are a dime a dozen anymore, and seldom do they ever offer something new to the table. Zombie Times aims to break through the stereotypes and zombie tropes which are harmful to zombie kind, and... make something entertaining.
Zombie Times follows Greg, a reanimated corpse, as he tries to assimilate back into society. Zombies are normally aggressive, violent, and hunger for flesh, but being a pot smoker, Greg does not embody most of the zombie tropes. All he wants to do is find a way to live in a world that hates zombies.

The story:

Zombie Times is told via vlog, and a camera crew follows Greg as he interacts with either actors playing civilians or unscripted, unaware pedestrians. Completing simpl daily tasks become nearly impossible because of lack of movement and social stigma. 
The show is created by Jesse Dedman, whom of which has creating,writing, and directing experience. The show is intended to have a professional appearance complete with full-detailed make-up and reaching out to known and established talent.

What the Funding is For:

$5000 is the bare minimum. WIth this goal the project would be able to fund the following:
Actors (local talent)
Supporting Crew
Advertising and Marketing (some)
Small wrap-up party
Over $5000, the project would be able to fund the following:
Actors (local and regional talent)
Suporting Crew
Location expenses (insurance and other legally required expenses)
Advertising and Marketing
A better wrap-up party
The degree of professionalism in the project is determined by the amount of funds raised.


July - August: Casting.
October - November: Shooting and editing.


Episodes would air in late November on Youtube.
Please help the project. Supporting Zombie Times means that you support a push for Pro-zombie media. Thank you - Jesse Dedman

Risks and challenges:

Jesse Dedman has experience writing and directing. With four scripts already written, the show would have no issues with material. Directing is interesting, and sometimes challenging, but as long as actors and crew don't bail, everything will go as planned.
Obtaining actors via casting call is not difficult.
Permit issues could arise, but could be prevented by being aware of possible conflicts and changes. Being flexible is key.
In the event that any delays occur, contingency's would be explored.I believe in being upfront and honest, and will inform Backers of any and all problems via podcast.
In the event of complete and total failure, I will return the funds. Complete and total failure would be defined as months gone by without shooting a single scene.

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