Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kickstarter Project: Zombie Uprising- The story of the 'Survivors?'

Can they survive? Zombie Uprising is an event that will bring the most realistic and fearsome encounter possible! Live film, no acting!
We've all wondered what will happen when the Zombie Apocalypse comes. Most of us have played Resident Evil. We want to bring that to life! Tactical, action, horror and genuine fear. We want to share live, unscripted stories of survivors. Will they survive? We do not know... 
Well we want to make and share this experience. Not a walk through, not a conventional mission but an experience that is never the same. A real life open-world game where we see the people.
The key is customization. We are sharing an experience where the Survivor's choices have consequences on the game. There are no constraints, so if a survivor wants to create and fortify a base camp before setting out on their objectives they can do. Zombie's will adapt to this and new challenges will arise. Don't want to make a base camp, head straight into the action and act on impulse. 
The sites and structure of the scenarios mean that its never Point A to Point B. There are secret passages, tunnels, characters, tactics, important items to collect, files with valuable information. We will make the most open world Zombie event possible.
Each survivor will become a character just by arriving. Each story will be different because of the characters and their choices and we want to share that. We do not know what survivors are going to do and neither do they! 
The big goal of the project involves using footage from cameras (mounted on helmets) to document different survivors experiences and stories then editing and producing short videos from this footage to post videos of the event. A real life movie of the Zombie Apocalypse for the world to see, without actors! 

Risks and challenges

The biggest disappointment is not getting a full experience from this event. We believe you get out what you put in which is why we've addressed this risk by revolving the event around the most powerful weapon we have; choice!
The survivor has to make choices. What weapon to take, tactics to approach the objective, whether or not to split the team, how to communicate, run or hide, barter with rivals for ammo and info, run or crawl, the list is endless.The footage we get from this experience will be free from acting!

Check it out here!

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