Friday, July 18, 2014

Introducing College of the Dead, a free webcomic

Introducing College of the Dead, a new webcomic, published by Adam Post, written by Stefan Petrucha with art by Javier Sanchez Aranda!

Join our cast of panicked undergrads and at least one morally compromised professor as they deal with a classic zombie apocalypse set in a New England college town. (Does it actually take place at UMASS, Amherst? No! It just sorta looks that way…)

It’s all here! Drunken students! Flesh-eating corpses! People you pray will survive! People you’d love to see eaten! Watch as they run, relate and come up with useless theories about why the world is falling apart! All that, and much, much more!

College of the Dead is now available for a free online reading experience via Twitter and Facebook, with more venues to be announced shortly.

To get the ball rolling, the first 24 panels were released on June 28. This will be followed by a new panel a day until our first story is complete.

To read the story thus far, head on over to one of the links below, find PAGE 1 and click on it. A slideshow will appear. To move through the panels in order, CLICK LEFT. What could be easier?

Like it? Like us, and be sure to #spreadthedead. 

Here it is on Twitter and here it is at Facebook.

Remember, a brain is a terrible thing to waste!

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