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Kickstarter Project: Zombie Forge - The Game

Tesseract Toys & Games bring you a new Tower Defense/FPS for the PC. Zombie Forge is a mixture of Tower Defense, similar to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot & Orcs Must Die!, with some Border Lands style FPS and just a dash of RPG Character creation.

Zombie Forge seeks to mix cheeky campy humor with the fear of a Zombie Game and to become a nostalgic classic. 

 In the Tower Defense portion of Zombie Forge players will take on the role of Dr. Zilch, the Mad Genius who is turning everyone into Zombies. Players will get to construct their forge layout, add zombie spawn areas, types of zombies, traps, and trigger sections where Dr. Zilch will tempt players to take help at the expense of their teammates. 

Example Only Game Art will Change.
Example Only Game Art will Change.
The more successful your forge is at defeating other survivors the more items and area you will get to build into your forge. 
In the FPS portion of the game, players will get to create their own survivor and choose from five different character classes, as well as, various weapon choices, skill sets, feats, and power-ups. The more forges you defeat, the more options that will become available to your characters. 

Example Only Game Art Will Change.
Example Only Game Art Will Change.
 Zombie Forge will be able to be played as single player or multi-player. Depending on how many players are attacking a forge at a given time, the timer will change, but you will have a limited amount of time to defeat a forge and take control from Dr. Zilch. 

 The Zombie Forge Game will have built in communication between players, two separate Score Boards, one for the top forges and one for the top survivors. We are also in the process of building the Tesseract website and forums where players can gather to offer suggestions, talk about the game and get cool stuff. 

Jeremy Davis & Eric Bean
Jeremy Davis & Eric Bean
The founders of Tesseract Toys & Games are Jeremy Davis & Eric Bean. Jeremy graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2006 from St. Petersburg College with a AS Degree in Digital Media Production. He also just finished his Bachelors Degree from Rasmussen College in Game Design & 3D Animation. Jeremy has won several awards including the 2006 Most Creative Digital Media Authoring Award, the 2006 Digital Media Student of the Year Award and the 2006 Most Promising Digital Media Student Scholarship. Jeremy is on the National Deans list and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. 
Jeremy has professional experience in game design, smart games, graphic design, web design, animation, motion graphics, 3D animation, voice acting, and creative writing. 
Jeremy has been an avid gamer all of his life. He is a child of the 80s through and through and loves the retro nostalgic factor in all of his geek hobbies. 
Jeremy has also been creating custom action figures professionally since 1997 and is known across the web as Zartanman. 
Eric majored in political science and psychology. Eric has been playing role play games since he was 8 years old. Eric has played just about any and every role play game tabletop, video game or otherwise in existence. 
Eric has worked professionally designing table top RPGs, is a creative writer, and expert game master and a prolific storyteller. 
Jeremy & Eric have been friends for over fifteen years and have come up with many creative projects and ideas that they have worked together on over the years. 
Jeremy also has several contacts with game developers and programmers who have worked for Disney and EA Games and will be using these resources to flush out and develop Zombie Forge.
The Soundtrack will be produced by Joel Rippe, otherwise known as Evans Death from the band Synthetic Union. Joel's music is a range of dark synth industrial and electronic sounds. Joel will be creating a soundtrack specifically for Zombie Forge as a special edition album.

 Jeremy and Eric have a dream of founding a Game and Toy company that will provide their fans with continuous highly original and imaginative worlds to explore. Thus Tesseract Toys & Games. Jeremy & Eric were well on their way to career bliss when the recession of 2008 hit and they both had to scramble to survive.
"We are just a couple of genius geeks that were born into poor families and have never had a big break in life. That is where you come in. We need your support. We want to bring Zombie Forge The Video Game to fruition and share it with all our gamer friends and geek family." - Eric
"Once Zombie Forge is on the shelves we intend to continue to bring many new and exciting games and toys to the market. We will always remember those who supported us and we plan to keep our company small in employees and close to the vest. We want to maintain creative control over everything that Tesseract produces and this will mean a better experience for all of our customers." - Jeremy
Jeremy and Eric are pay it forward kind of guys as well and you can bet that if their Kickstarter project is a success they will find ways to open doors to other would be creators out there. 

 We are asking for a lot of money. Although, not considering what it really takes to develop a quality game. We believe we can keep our team small and we will be using the money to launch Tesseract Toys & Games. This means building an office, hiring staff, contracting work, buying software and putting together an entire game from start to finish. Plus we may need some Taco Bell now and again too.
If this project is successfully funded Jeremy and Eric plan to quit their jobs and work full time developing Zombie Forge and Tesseract Toys & Games. Therefore some of this money will go towards paying rent.

We could ask for less money and take the risk that it isn't enough to finish the game properly and wind up delivering a low quality game that wouldn't make anyone happy. 
Jeremy & Eric feel that the time of the Mega Corporation is over, "we want to prove that Indie companies can conquer the market and that is why we need your help." - Jeremy 
"We considered putting our project elsewhere so that we could reap in whatever money was donated, but by putting our project here on Kickstarter and asking for the amount that we truly need, we know this allows for our best chance of success. This also puts the responsibility on us. If we don't get funded, well, no harm done, we will keep trying until we get it right. However, if we are funded that means full steam ahead and all hands on deck." - Eric
"We are committed to providing you our supporters with the best quality game that we possibly can. We thank you from the bottom of our evil little hearts for anything that you can contribute." - Jeremy 

 If we hit certain mile-markers we have prepared a list of stretch goals that we intend to produce along the way. 

 If we hit 1.5 Million we will create a series of Zombie Forge 3D Printed Figures. EVERYONE who pledges $100 or more will automatically receive a Dr. Zilch 3D Printed figure. These figures will be around 5 Inches Tall and will be on a base that displays the Zombie Forge Logo. Kickstarter supporter figures will have a special Kickstarter Backer stamp on the bottom of their figures. 
The rest of the figures will be available to anyone who pledges over $100 to add to their pledge amounts and will be available at a later date on our website.

So no matter what your pledge is make sure we have your mailing address so we can send your loot should we reach this level of funding. 

 If we hit $3 Million we will develop a Zombie Forge single player RPG Story. This will allow new characters to get some leveling in before attempting to tackle a player created forge. This will be a full fledged mini RPG Story driven game, complete with new animation and cinematic sequences. Plus everyone who pledges at least $100 will get a "We hit $3Million, Kickstarter Backer Zombie Forge T-Shirt."

$20 Early Birds also get this Reward Level
$20 Early Birds also get this Reward Level

Risks and challenges

The risks that we face with the Zombie Forge The Video Game Project are completing the game in time. Which is why we have given ourselves nearly 2 years for development.
If Funded we intend to do all that we can to deliver the game well before that date. However, any rewards that require mailing will take a bit longer to complete.
Jeremy and Eric are both well accustomed to working with deliverable dates and deadlines within a professional setting. Jeremy has nearly ten years experience working in Instructional Design and Game Design and knows full well the challenges Tesseract will face. They are well aware of the level of commitment and the amount of work it will take to deliver this game at a level that will make everyone happy.
However, since the majority of this project will be digital this will save time and lessen the risk of shipping delays or production delays in that regard.
When funded, Jeremy already has a team of programmers and developers on standby ready to get started developing the game. Jeremy has already created many of the 3D elements of the game and should be able to complete the rest of the needed resources within six months of being funded.
Getting the 3D Figures printed will likely have the biggest chance for delay but we will keep everyone updated through the Kickstarter portal as well as our Facebook page and Tesseract Website.
The biggest obstacle to completing this game is simply the funding. If we are successfully funded nothing that is foreseen can possibly keep us from getting the game developed in one way or another. That is why we are relying on you the Kickstarter family to help our dreams come true so we can deliver to you a fun and exciting game.

For questions or to make a pledge, click here!

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