Friday, July 4, 2014

'Walking Dead' Pinball for consoles and PC

When it was teased that Telltale was working on a new game based on The Walking Dead, it's doubtful that anyone expected this. The Walking Dead Pinball is the latest title from silver ball masters Zen Studios, and will turn the game into an authentic pinball experience.
This is based on the first season of the game, which means that we'll once again see Lee, Clem, and crew, and and it looks like we'll play through each episode as they're all listed on the table. As with Zen Pinball's other titles like the excellent Star Wars Pinball, it's apparent that characters will physically get up on the table and interact with items and locations as you play, in a way that's not possible with real pinball games.
Zen and Telltale have worked together on each detail of the table design, making sure that the entire story of the game is replicated. You'll get everything from Clementine's treehouse and Everett's pharmacy in Macon all the way to the zombie-infested streets of Savannah.
"Zen Studios is a huge admirer of Telltale Games, and we truly cherish the opportunity to work with such amazing visionaries," said Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios. "Working with Telltale's The Walking Dead is a hallmark moment as we continue our quest to create the most memorable and authentic pinball experiences." 
There will be choices to make as well, meaning that this may be the first pinabll game ever created that offers decisions that determine who lives and dies. You'll have to accurately shoot the ball to search for food and supplies, and navigate through zombie herds.
"Zen knocked it out of the park with their interpretation Telltale's first season of The Walking Dead as a pinball table," said Steve Allison, SVP of Publishing at Telltale Games. "Players once again get to step into the shoes of Lee Everett and protect Clementine as all the major events of season one play a role in the first ever pinball game that features choice and consequence gameplay." 
The Walking Dead Pinball table will be demoed at E3 and we will be there to bring back a hands-on preview back to you. Expect the game to hit later this summer on Zen Studios' pinball games across console, PC, and mobile stores.

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