Friday, July 4, 2014

Indiegogo Project: Plastic Zombie Desk Toys for Adult Nerds


No, we won't actually bite.  But we do want to raise some money to make our first batch of these cool desk toys.  We love vinyl toys like KidRobot, Be@rbrick, and all of the other ones you have never heard of (it makes it cooler when we are the only ones that know about it).
  • We are a creative design agency that obviously has some extra time on our hands (we don't, but that doesn't stop us from nerding out on the weekend and sketching toys)
  • We designed plastic zombies, just like the army men you played with as a kid.  No moving parts and we made them extra big.
  • NOT FOR CHILDREN.  We read alot of toy boxes and out favorite ones call them "collectable toys".  Plastic Zombies are also collectables and not for children.

What We Need

  • We need $5,000 to make the first small run and with the pre-orders here on indiegogo, we will be able to make twice as many plastic zombies so we can sell them in boutique toy shows, like Rivet Toys in Columbus, Ohio.

What You Get

  • We need $5,000 to make the first small run and finish the molds for our plastic zombies.  We want to make everything in Ohio.  We know it will cost a little more, but its totally worth it.  


Give $5 and we will send you a rad "Plastic Zombies" stickers
Give $25 dollars and we will send you a 6 pack of 2" zombies and a sticker pack
Give $50 dollars and you will get 1 of 6, 6" zombie characters
Give $225 and we will send you all 6 of the 6" Plastic Zombie Characters, plus a 6 pack of 2" zombies and some stickers.
Give $1000 and we will throw a zombie party with you in Columbus Ohio.  Surprise, you are for dinner unless you can figure out some sick, twisted clues.  
Give $2500 and we will make you into your own, custom Plastic Zombie

The Plastic Zombie

We will make a bunch of little ones, but this campaign is to create the BIG zombie plastic toys.  These will be 3D printed at The Columbus Idea Foundry and they will be delivered DIY, ready to paint.
  • 6" Character made from ABS plastic
  • We will have 6 variations of our characters, each one shipped in a blind box.  Buy multiples and collect them all.
  • We will also sell 2" plastic zombies in packs of 6 and 60.  Buy these in bulk and sell them at your toy shop.
  • Some zombies don't have legs, some or hunched, some are missing limbs.  Each 6" zombie character is measured in dimensions of how they lay.  For example, one is 6" wide, but only 2" tall.

Stretch Goals

Help us raise $25,000 and we will throw in a 6 pack of small zombies.
Help us raise $50,000 and we will include a paint set with every 6" plastic Zombie.
Help us raise $250,000 and we will erect a 6 foot zombie for trade shows and we will run a contest to give the 6 foot toy away to one of our backers.

    Avoid Becoming A Zombie and Help Us

    • Share this on social media - tweet it, tell your nerd friends on facebook, and +1 it on google+.
    • Support our campaign!  Give us $5 and we will send you a rad plastic zombie sticker.  Yup, a rad sticker!  


    To make a pledge, click here!

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