Sunday, March 23, 2014

10 Things You Never Knew About Dawn of the Dead 2004

Can you believe that Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead - possibly the best horror remake ever made - is TEN YEARS OLD?
To celebrate the 10-year milestone in zombie splatgore, here's 10 things you probably didn't know about 2004's Dawn of the Dead...

1. Dawn of the Dead used your new favorite gadget: The Blood Cannon.

The zombified actors held secret remotes, sending a spray of fake blood from the 'blood cannon' strapped to their back, causing the 'head shot' effect.

2. Dawn of the Dead was shot in a real abandoned mall.

Thornhill Shopping Center in Ontario was disused, so Snyder was free to use it for the movie, filling it with fake shops - and, of course, zombies!

3. The coffee chain in the mall is called 'Hallowed Grounds.'

This is taken from a Johnny Cash lyric. There are also real world 'Hallowed Grounds' coffee shops!

4. One of the stores in the mall is called 'Gaylen Ross.'

That's the name of an actress from the original Dawn of the Dead(1978).

5. Dawn of the Dead features the movie in-joke SPAM-spoof, 'SMEAT.'

You can also catch SMEAT in The Walking Dead and Waterworld!

6. A zombie movie...without any zombies?

The word 'zombie' is never used in the movie. The characters mostly refer to the walkers as 'those things'.

7. Real blood was used in the opening and closing credits.

This was the idea of designer Kyle Cooper. Brutal!

8. Several different colors of blood were used for the movie.

These denote different stages of decomposition: red for fresh zombies, brown for month-old walkers, and black for the oldest, mouldiest stumblers.

9. Director Zack Snyder makes a cameo in Dawn of the Dead.

He's the commando on the left, with the shades.

10. Remember this totally gross, bloated zombie lady?

Played by a dude.


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