Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Antoine Zombé,

lot of U.S. zombies don't get the chance to see things through the eye holes of their neighbors to the north, mostly because of the constant and distracting craving for brains.
The Canadian Film Fest, which opens Thursday in Toronto, rectifies this with the amusing spot below from JWT that shines a light on the challenges facing Canadian zombies—namely, that they're too nice for the movies.
The spot is sprinkled with the usual softball tropes about Canuck culture, but with a twist. Antoine Zombé isn't an overly apologetic Canadian actor; he's actually undead.
Zombé's journey to fame did not come easily. "Ugh, Canadians" he would hear. "Less polite Canadian, more zombie!"
This kind of feedback could be discouraging and lead a corpse to less noble ways of making a living. But not Antoine Zombé. He finds success in the cinema after harnessing his "one true advantage"—that he is an actual zombie.
After this, the flood of hits is non-stop. Classics such as "Rest in Pieces," "Raging Zombie" and "Eating Private Bryan" are only a few films in this decorated thespian's canon.
What have we learned? No matter where you're from, just be yourself—even if yourself is undead. So crack open a Molson and enjoy, hosers.

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