Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ready for the Deadlings? Android/iPhone

It's bad not having any friends.

If you're Death, however, complete with a leering skull face and enough money to buy a derelict factory, you can probably build your own army of dribbley undead beasts and force them to listen to your jokes.

That's the setup for Deadlings, a new bite-sized puzzle-platformer that sees you training an army of zombie minions to collect brains and avoid spinning buzz saws.

Via some simple controls, you can guide your undead flesh munchers and their repulsive friends through levels made up of sharp things, terrible drops, and other obstacles that will reduce your shambling underlings to lumps of gore.

You'll unlock power-ups and other buffs as you play through the game. Different types of minions, meanwhile, add different layers to the gameplay.

There's a bit of a Lemmings feel to this game, as you send out different minions with different powers to complete different tasks.

Wrapped around that is a sharp easy-to-play arcade-platformer with a smooth progression curve and enough levels to keep you interested for a good while.

Deadlings is out on the App Store right now, and will set you back $1.99.

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