Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kickstarter Project: Zomb - A Documentary

A heart-warming tale of love, death, persecution and humanity.

Hi, thanks for coming to see my project, I'm really excited to tell you about it. 
You could say that Zomb is kind of like Cloverfield, where the people with the cameras are zombies.
I find that films which show the evolving thoughts and ideas of a damaged person are far more interesting than films that don't - and who is more damaged than a zombie?
This is not a standard zombie film. Jeff is the main character and through the film he persecuted and hunted just for being a zombie, something he clearly can't control. He didn't chose to be one. 
It's an uplifting story though, what hope can come of struggle that doesn't show reward.
 It is an easy story to shoot, I just need time to do it and talented people to help. The support you give by buying rewards is invaluable and will go towards renting the professional equipment I don't have and more importantly employing actors and technicians. These people work incredibly hard and usually for very little money. I don't even have 'very little' money to give them. 

There are many rewards for you to choose from, as you can see down the right of the page. Please take a moment to have a look through the things on offer, I think there is a good selection as this is what I would like to see on something I would support.
If you can think of something you would like more why not drop a comment in the box.

Risks and challenges

I have spent several years working in film and TV content production and I have the skillset to tell my story. The biggest challenge I think this project will face is gaining the support and backing.
Thanks for taking the time to look through the blurb, please buy some cool stuff and be a part of this project.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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