Sunday, March 23, 2014

The latest zombie releases from Permuted Press

Z-Boat  (Volume 1)
by Suzanne Robb

Ally Lane is the pilot/navigator of The Betty Loo a search and rescue sub. On the run from her own demons, she took refuge on, The Betty Loo, a decade ago. Captain, Brian Kingston always tries to do the right thing, but a drinking problem and an obsession with money lead him to make the wrong decisions.

When a mission comes their way offering more money than they can imagine, they jump at the opportunity. After agreeing, they find out exactly what they got themselves into.

Dead Inside (Rise Book 3)
by Gareth Wood

The people of the Mission Safe Zone have a problem. It has managed to keep thousands of living humans safe from the undead hordes for nine years, but now people are going missing, vanishing without trace, and Sheriff Jim Reilly suspects a new threat exists inside the Wall that surrounds the Safe Zone: a serial killer.

For salvagers Robyn Cartwright and Amanda Martin, a serial killer is the least they have to worry about. Something is going on with the undead outside the Wall, something that could have deadly repercussions for the Safe Zone, and every living thing within it.

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