Thursday, March 20, 2014

A video game "Did you know...?"

While hobbling around on my fractured knee with my fractured elbow, wondering how long I would last in the zombie apocalypse given my current condition,  I thought I would make an impulse purchase for myself of the video game variety. I had been thinking about getting this game for a while as I immensely enjoyed the original, so a sequel should be a winner, right? Off I go to buy Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox 360.

As the clerk was unlocking the video game case, she explained to me that to play Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, I would need an Xbox Live Gold membership.

I was like, "huh?" Was she kidding, or was it a trap to make me buy a stinkin' game card as well?

                                               "Say whaaaaaaat?"

Nope! There it is, clear as day, near the bottom of the game case. In white text on a black box background, "REQUIRES XBOX LIVE GOLD. SOLD SEPARATELY."

What. The. Hell? 

I'm willing to drop over $30 bucks for this video game, and I have to spend even more money to get it?!?

And if I did get a "GOLD MEMBERSHIP," in order not to spend even more money, I would need to beat this game in one month as to not accrue any additional monthly membership payments.

I just don't understand Microsoft

First, they tried to make their games have a limited number of playthroughs and then the game could not be traded in to GameStop or a similar store. Luckily, enough people complained about that. 

Then XBox One is released, and it does not have backwards capabilities. Meaning, none of your XBox 360 games can be played on it. So, you would need to keep your XBox360 if you ever wanted to play any of the 360 games ever again. 

And then, "Dead Rising 3" is exclusive to XBox One. (just my personal pet peeve!) 

Lastly, if I want to play a game, buying the game just isn't enough!

Wow Microsoft! Do you hate the people that keep you in business that much?

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  1. The dead rising thing is enough to piss me off alone.