Monday, March 31, 2014

Commandos fight cannibalistic ghouls in K. Michael Gibson’s ‘Dead Pulse RISING.’

The slavering hordes of undead rule the streets of Baltimore, their decaying forms shambling across the ruined city, implacable and unstoppable. The remaining survivors hide desperately, for all hope seems lost... until an armored fortress on wheels plows through the ghouls, crushing bones and decayed viscera. The vehicle stops and two men emerge from its doors, armed to the teeth and ready to cancel the apocalypse. This is K. Michael Gibson’s “Dead Pulse RISING.”
The story follows the onset of a mysterious disease that infects the populace of Baltimore, turning many into flesh-eating zombies. Whether it is a manifestation of Mother Nature’s wrath or a new form of biological warfare remain unknown. What law enforcement officer and ex-USAF special operator Kyle Walker and his partner Marvin Winters know is that they have to use their fighting skills, their massive armored vehicle, and copious amounts of firepower in order to survive and protect those dear to them. Their struggle is further complicated when spooks from the United States Department of Homeland Security arrive and display an unwanted interest in something Kyle has aboard his vehicle. The Homeland Security agents are also hell bent on keeping the Baltimore situation a secret, and are prepared to use any means to keep the greater public in the dark of what has happened to the city.
The author combines social anxieties about doomsday scenarios, threats of bio-terrorism, and unwarranted government intrusion to craft an original take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Cannibalistic monstrosities, special forces operatives, tactical combat action, and the end of the world await readers in the pages of “Dead Pulse RISING.”
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