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Attention Zombies: Now Hiring! (UK)

 The Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last SurvivorsThe Last Survivors
The Last Survivors 
The Last Survivors
The Last SurvivorsThe Last Survivors

Following on from our first event, you will enter the grounds after receiving our distress call to the other C.I.D.C Outposts. You are a group of survivors, soldiers and fighters sent to help Outpost 16, the main research facility of the C.I.D.C. We believe the facility was overrun with infected, the distress message was unclear and was cut off abruptly, but something is wrong, terribly wrong.
Geared up and trained with tactical weapons, you will be sent to investigate what has happened at Outpost 16.
Our experience uses Airsoft weapons to take down the infected. Don’t think you can blast your way through the whole story, you will need to use tactics and teamwork to achieve all of the goals.


Hunted by BB gun-wielding martial artists while doing your best zombie impression for minimum wage – it might not be everyone's dream job.
But the organisers of Brentwood-based zombie shoot-out The Last Survivors expect to receive plenty of applications for the new position, which opened up recently.
Antony White, 27, is now recruiting for the monthly Secret Nuclear Bunker events at Kelvedon Hatch, where armed participants are thrown into a zombie-infested research lab run by the missing Dr Logan.
Right-minded interviewees might be tempted to ask whether the post is not a little hazardous. "The short answer is yes," the enthusiastic Mr White said.
"We give them padding so if they were hit in the chest it wouldn't hurt so much and we have strict rules like you can't shoot them in the head.
"We tell everyone taking part if they shoot them in the head, because of the infection, it gets them into a rage and makes them more angry.
"There have been a few accidental head shots and it does leave a mark.
"I've been shot a few times where I've popped out and they thought I was acting."
Filmmaker Mr White founded the interactive story with his girlfriend Carly Wain, 29, two years ago with the intention of making a better experience than other apocalypse simulations they had attended.
"We've got quite a few regular zombies," added Mr White. "Some of the core crew often work together and they'll say to each other 'while they're shooting at me I'll come and get them from the other side' or something.
"Everyone loves working for us. We're really fair on how we pay people and we provide good food – being shot at is not too bad.
"We actually care about our zombies.
"It's quite a sociable thing. We all get on well – it's like a little family. They have fun and that's what it is really, they come back to us because they genuinely have fun.
"A few of our guys say they'll work for free."
The event is fully booked for the next three months with members of Romford's Tiger School of kickboxing next to enjoy the experience.
Instructor Corinne Frame said: "The first time we did The Last Survivors it was unlike anything we have done before.
"We wanted to go back and asked if the zombies could be even harder to kill, to be really put through our paces.
"You never know when the apocalypse is going to start."
One of the zombies the kickboxers will face will be Armoured Zombie, played by XX ft tall Josh Mann, who told the Gazette he does not mind the occasional painful hit.
"The bullets don't matter, I am too focused on the kill," he said. "We have a great team and we all feed off of each other's enthusiasm – and flesh.
"I did the experience for my birthday and I said instantly I need to work here. The opportunity to scare people twice my size is what keeps me coming back."
In contrast The Screamer takes a different approach to the art of being scary.
"We've got a guy who doesn't like to be shot at that much," Antony said.
"He's got no eyes as he's been experimented on so he relies on sound.
"You have to creep past him, for a moment my heart's pounding, it really does feel scary."
Find out more details online by visiting the website 
thelast survivors.co.uk

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