Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse 2014: Sadhu Prophetic Disease May Link Five Scientific Ways for Zombie Attacks to Occur

Indian prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj predicted an upcoming fatal disease starting in Asia which no cure is expected to stop. But is it possible that the predicted disease can cause zombie infestation? Here are scientific ways that zombie-causing illness may actually occur to start the end of the world.
Parasites Inside Your Brain
Science have already discovered several species of parasites which lodge inside the human brain. One of the most horrifying kind is the "brain-eating amoebae" called Naegleria fowleri. It can easily travel from the person's nose and goes all the up to the brain which destroys all brain tissue it can - don't forget that it can be painful when it hits the pain centre of the brain.
Second is Toxoplasma gondii that slows down reaction time and double risking people to traffic accidents. Third one found usually in rainforest and swamps is the Loa Loa eye worm which can cause cognitive losses, memory problems and personality changes.
Since parasites can affect both humans and rats, it is likely a biologically engineered parasite may start such event to be spread by our favourite pest.
Poison for the Brain
Many chemical substances occurring naturally or artificially can affect various brain functions which are called neurotoxins. In philosophical explanation of zombies, beings are under the states of lack in consciousness, sentience or awareness.
Hallucinogen drugs such as Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid or GHB can alter the state of mind by causing memory, learning and cognitive downtime due to intoxication. Jimson weed is another popular causative agent may lead to delirium and bizarre behaviour such as in trance. Any of the two can chemically induce someone to be in zombie-like state as if under a necromantic spell.
Be Cautious About Prions
HIV affects the immune system but Mad Cow disease in humans called Creutzfeldt-Jakob or vCJD directly disrupts the brain. CJD is caused by human prion disease or misfolded proteins and leads to several unusual symptoms such as dementia, memory loss, personality changes, paranoia, psychosis and hallucinations. Those things are all mental issues which can turn almost anyone into something else, behaviourally speaking.
Medical Reanimation
Don't ignore the advancement of technology for laboratories around the world have access to ways that can manipulate the human body in cellular level. Stem cell therapy which replicates neurogenesis or regeneration of neural stem cells. Neuroplasticity is another scientific method to treat brain damage, vision and learning difficulties.
If an Umbrella-like company in Resident Evil begins on researching, developing, dealing and selling such to warring nations may definitely urge chaos uncontrollable and unforeseen consequences such as zombie apocalypse. "Frankensteining" someone isn't going to bring good results.
Power of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology aims to manipulate matter in a very tiny scale, smaller than a human cell. In movies, nanobots have been oriented which can clean, fix or even control matter invisible to the naked eye. In mobile devices, nanotech can be used to repair cracked screen, repel dust or take power from sunlight but not yet feasible for commercial use.
Robots under nano scale implanted inside your brain can induce remote control from a server, inject viruses or prions and spread diseases silently but widespread. Unlike pathogens or chemically induced zombie-like state, nanobots may last for eternity since they can manipulate matter and may stay recharged as they keep the person alive under trance. What's more scary is that nanobots can access parts of the brain which can be turn off or on like your electric switch in the living room.
Duration of Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies are classified as undead creatures and if such event happens for real, it won't last forever. Zombies are terrifying and rotting at the same time that determines their timeframe existence.
Unless the disease causing the zombie event spreads in other methods such as air, water, soil, etc, the pathogen will do the killing spree. Even nanobots won't be able to handle the basic needs required by a living being regardless if they shutdown the hunger factor. Without nutrition and food, zombies are going to die eventually.
Zombies are subjected under several environmental factors like any other living organisms which affects their survival.
1.      Effects of decaying process
2.      Bacterial infestation due to decomposition
3.      Heat damage
4.      Humidity effects
5.      Various temperature
6.      Lack of food supply
Whether it is happening sooner or later, you should be prepared not only against zombies but also to other catastrophes which may occur anytime. Some reviews claim places that are safe to various dangers and hopefully they will work against any zombie apocalypse.

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