Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Zack the Zombie Exterminator!

Brian Pulido, creator of the comic Lady Death and the feature film The Graves, appeared on Syfy’s "Foxy and Co.," a reality show showcasing the special effects makeup work of "Face Off" favorite Eric Fox and his team, on March 18th.
For the show Pulido directed a proof of concept short film entitled Zack the Zombie Exterminator, a horror/comedy about Zack Zander, an amiable redneck metal head with a talent for zombie-splatting who runs “Z-Gone", a family business that “disposes” of the undead.
Pulido and screenwriter Mike MacLean (Sharktopus, Piranhaconda) developed Zack for multiple entertainment platforms.
Simply stated, Zack the Zombie Exterminator puts the fun back into zombie-splatting. Zack is a gross-out spectacle full of zombie guts and exploding brains. It’s slapstick WTF humor, cringe-worthy and cathartic, and what better guy to fulfill this mad vision than Morbx Fx’s Eric Fox, star of "Foxy & Co."?
Eric rules,” Pulido says. “His excitement and craftsmanship truly bring Zack’s world to life.
Zack is in development as a feature film, television series, and graphic novel series produced by Mischief Maker Studios. You can learn more and see the short by clicking here.

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