Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Walking Dead Army Men Series 3: Rick Grimes & Woodbury Prison Set

The Walking Dead PVC Army Men Series 3: Sheriff Rick Grimes & Woodbury Prison Set by Gentle Giant

The war versus the walkers continues with Gentle Giant’s Walker Army Men Series 3! Collectors can now build their own Woodbury Prison Watchtower and fence to fend off roaming walkers, or combine multiple sets and stage an epic prison walker showdown. You can even pair this set with the Series 2 Woodbury Battle Arena Playset to create the ultimate walker hunting ground! Featuring three exciting new walker sculpts in two ghastly shades of green (six walkers in all), this set also includes an exclusive Sheriff Rick Grimes figure!

The Walking Dead PVC Army Series 3 featuring Sheriff Rick Grimes and the Woodbury Prison Set by Gentle Giant is not scheduled to ship until December 2014, but you can now pre-order this deadly set from Entertainment Earth for $19.99 here.

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