Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Walking Dead: 10 Theories About How Season 4 Will End

Each season of the Walking Dead fans go on a weekly journey constantly asking the question of how that season will end. Even though we’re caught up in the week-to-week happenings of our favourite survivors, we’re  desperately grasping like a rat-hungry walker on the other side of a prison fence to know how they’ll reach the next level of safety and security that only seems to be a reality for a short time. In season one it was the CDC, Herschel’s farm in season two, and then the confines of the prison and the walls that surrounded it. Yet one thing that all of these sanctuaries have in common is that they never last, and all eventually fall. The constant theme of the Walking Dead is not the zombies that continuously make this world so dangerous to live in, but that of the people that are trying to hold on to a safe place in order to live and survive.

On the current season, we’ve witnessed the destruction and fall of the survivors’ sanctuary with the Governor’s assault on the prison. As a result, everyone was scattered and forced to pick up the pieces in any way that they could while they virtually wander about aimlessly. It’s staggering to think that there was no back-up plan to the prison falling and that an established rendezvous point for everyone to meet up was never thought out. With that being said, things still continue to move forward as each small group moves towards an eventual reunification with those that were able to survive.

Although the Walking Dead has taken considerable liberties from the comic book adaption that it originated from, there have been a number of events that have mirrored the source material strongly. Is it possible that the source material could come into play with where season four ends or will it be a unique direction from anything fans of the printed format have seen? Lets take a look at a few possibilities at where this season of the Walking Dead could end.

Warning: Spoilers from previous episodes of the Walking Dead and the comic book will follow.

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