Monday, March 10, 2014

Get A Good Look At The Walking Dead's Season Four Blu-Ray Set!

Every year, McFarlane Toys produces an insane looking Blu-ray case for that season's release of "The Walking Dead." 

For season two it was a severed zombie head. 

For season three, an aquarium full of severed heads. 

This year there's no severed heads...but...

as revealed at Toy Fair, the season four box set does feature an extremely memorable walker.

The Tree Walker, as first seen in "Isolation" may not initially seem to have the movable parts or fluid of last year's set, but it does straggle that gross/beautiful line perfectly. And it holds a surprise: as you remove the Blu-rays from the folder, the walker's arm and head reach towards you, only returning back in place when you return the discs.

The limited edition set doesn't have an on-sale date or price yet, though it's estimated to hit in June.

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