Monday, February 25, 2013


•3K, 5K, and featuring a 7K escape (4.31 miles of TERROR!!) One of the Longest Zombie Runs in World!
•Runs happen Day or Night! Can you escape from a Zombie Horde in the Dark??
•We offer Zombie Escapes in the Woods and some inside Haunted Locations.
•Obstacles, Water Challenges and Mud (This will be decided based upon the safety of the runners)
•FREE BEER IN 2013. (21 and up)
•Survivor Medals or Dog tags
•After Party onsite in 2013
•We donate to Local charities. It’s important to give back to the awesome communities that we were raised in. 
•We are from here! I know that might not be a big deal, but we know not to have a race when the Cowboys, Rangers or Mavericks are playing. We know that traffic on (360, 635, and 20,30,45,75 etc…) can be worse than a Zombie Hoard. 
•We offer a Cash Prize. The most popular run in the world doesn’t offer cash! 
•Swag for all Runners! We challenge you to find a company that gives you more than DFW Zombie Run! 

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