Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's Blazing Saddles meets Dawn of the Dead with a Paranormal Twist

Our Story
Bad boy parapsychologist Brad Redmond takes his students on a paranormal investigation. There is no easy A for Elliott as he tries to protect Tiffany the girl he secretly longs for. Teamed with ghost hunters the group is secluded on a haunted horse farm in rural Kentucky. With no TV and radio for three days the group is oblivious to the Zombie pandemic striking the country. There are two options for the students and ghost hunters become a zombie or escape.

The Impact
Cast information: The irreverent extras will be played by stand up comics. Even better the movie was filmed on a real haunted horse farm that was featured on a paranormal television show in 2011. Using real electronic voice phenomena recordings taken on the actual haunted horse farm adds a flavor of the paranormal. What do you do with twenty five stand up comics on the set? Let them improvise and film it! Yes there are plenty of scantly clad co-ed's running from Zombies! Yes there is action, romance, chace scenes gore and more! 

Another apocalyptic Zombie Movie will be the next Zombie /Comedy cult classic.

WARNING: Do not watch Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie on a full bladder unless you wear discrete adult protection!

Writer/Producer/Director  Lura Ketchledge confesses that Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie is the bastard child of her warped imagination!

What We Need & What You Get
Every penny of the film will go to post production and film festival entries. We are sending the movie to all film festivals that we can get into, which can be very costly! That is where you guys come in! We need your help in making this movie as big as it can be, so that we are able to show it to the world! In return, you will be a big part of the film, with gift packages that will get your name attached with the film as well as, many "Perks" that you will receive. This film promises huge success, but we cannot make it happen without your help!

Other Ways You Can Help
Also, we need to get the "Word of Mouth" spread like a wildfire! So blog all you wish, post the trailer, listen to the radio show, check out the website! Anything and everything will determine the success that this film can bring about. Again, we cannot do this alone and all of your help is greatly appreciated! From the cast and crew we thank you!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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