Tuesday, February 12, 2013

‘The Walking Dead’ Declared Deadliest Show on TV

Lauren Cohan as "Maggie" on "The Walking Dead" (Photo: AMC)
AMC’s killer drama “The Walking Dead” has been named the deadliest show on TV, according to a new study conducted by funeralwise.com.
For its second annual TV Body Count Study (covering the fall 2012 season), the website analyzed 40 TV Series, and a total of 320 episodes on broadcast and cable networks, and offered its findings on the prevalence and nature of death on television.
The hugely popular apocalyptic zombie series took the top spot with a body count rate of 38 deaths per episode — and of the show’s cringe-worthy carnage, 91% were zombies.
The Cinemax series “Strike Back” came in second with an average of 26 deaths per episode, followed by NBC’s “Revolution” which zaps nearly 11 dead bodies per episode. All of those bodies were human, the study notes. The CW’s “Nikita” and “Supernatural” rounded out the Top 5.
Overall, the fictional death toll on TV is on the rise, with five dead bodies per episode the average across the 40 series included in the study. That’s up 12% from last year’s results.
Other intriguing bullet points about TV bloodbaths: the most popular deadly weapons are guns, with gunshot victims accounting for 44% of the deaths. Knives came in a distant second as the weapon of choice for 19% of the fatalities, while the study also determined that men are by far the most victimized, representing 86% of the dead. For more “Death on TV” facts, you can check out more from the findings here.
Gruesome as it may be, viewers are riveted by “The Walking Dead,” which returned this week with a midseason premiere that captured a new series high, setting a new ratings record.


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