Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fast, Furious & Funny: Dead Island Armored Pickup Truck!

Deep Silver has given the guys over at Fast, Furious & Funny the enviable task of recreating a full-sized, zombie-proof armored vehicle from their upcoming video game Dead Island: Riptide. The pickup truck was fabricated by the London based specialists at Xquisite, and contains everything you’d need to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse!
Fast, Furious & Funny…drives your everyday car channel into a back street garage, rigs it with nitrous, gives it a spray job, a new set of wheels and hits the road this fall. With entertainment and comedy the oil in our engine we’ll do all the things you’ve always wanted to do on four wheels but never had the guts or insurance to do! Fast, Furious & Funny … because cars are fun!
We’ve included the second part of the video above because it actually contains footage of the finished vehicle. But if you want to watch the whole process from beginning to end, just stop by the official Fast, Furious & Funny YouTube Channel. And if you’d like to see more work from Xquisite, you can visit their website or Facebook page online for even more awesome videos.


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