Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Synopsis: In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault on the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back. These are the stories of some trying to find a "cure". These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead. These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

This book contains the first chapter of The Dead War Series which features the hero of the series, Sergeant Richards . It also contains a short story about a character in the main story.

Synopsis: The walking dead can't run. The U.S. Army wont! 

The battle against the dead continues. Sergeant Richards, Sergeant Jackson, Delice, Duncan, Blake and the dead are all back. New friends and even stronger enemies emerge. Surprises galore as it's revealed who released the Beserker Virus and why.

Synopsis: When the dead walk and vampires attacks we had three choices. Run, fight, or die. The U.S. Army doesn't run!
The war between humanity, the dead, and now the vampires continue. As vampire kind launches an all out attack against The Rock, Sgt. Richards fights to protect a little girl who is mankind's last hope.

Will Richards save her? Will mankind survive?

Synopsis: The war against the dead rages on. Sergeant Richards and other scouts have been very busy as army brass is planning something big. They have been working for hours without any sleep. A near death encounter forces Richards to get some rest in a "safe zone". Once there he realizes that there may be something worse than the dead. Hopelessness.

Synopsis: These 4 short stories are companion pieces to the book The Dead War Series: Book 1 available for the Amazon Kindle here. 

These four stories will answer questions readers had after reading the book, The Dead War Series: Book 1

Questions like:

How did Private Smith wind up in the US Army?

How did the dead wind up locked inside the boarded up church?

How did the soldier Thompson wind up being eaten by one of the dead?

The four stories included are:

The Dead War Series: THOMPSON

The Dead War Series: CHURCH

The Dead War Series: ZOMBIE KILLER

The Dead War Series: SAFE ZONE

Why I hate fast moving zombies by George L. Cook III

All are available through Amazon AND if that's not enough to entice you to sign up for this war, the novel 'The Dead War Series: The Short Stories Volume 1' is absolutely free for e-book readers!

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