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KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Immunis - The Zombie Apocalypse

Thanks for looking at our project. If you do nothing other than share this page with your friends today, we will be massively grateful. The link is here:
Our video above is a bit of a mood-setting trailer we edited together, including a mini story that was created purely for this pitch.
We are two guys based in Peterborough, England. One of us, Sean, is an excellent artist who is very good at drawing horrific flesh-eating zombies.
The other, Anthony, (me) enjoys a good story. Immunis is the result of a coffee and biscuit-fuelled conversation about what would happen in the IMMEDIATE aftermath of a SUDDEN zombie apocalypse. We moved on to tea and more biscuits and the conversation turned to the origins of a disease. What kind of disease would spread so quickly? Where would it come from and more importantly, would anyone be immune? Immunis was born.
Immunis will be, for the majority, set in a real town (Peterborough, England) with real locations and with both fictional people and fictional versions of real people. Between us, Sean and I have written a twisted zombie web-comic storyline worthy of about 200 pages of beautiful zombie artwork, but this is no ordinary 'zombie apocalypse' story. Yes there will be a fight for survival, but our story goes beyond the here and now. The characters find themselves thrust into a twisted situation that goes deep into the history of not only the town and the country, but the whole of humanity. 
This is where we need your help. Immunis is written in a story-arc sense; we have a beginning, a huge middle and massive finalé.  Immunis is not drawn. Nor is it written on a page by page basis, which it needs to be for us to progress. 
We would absolutely love to create Immunis in it's entirety, to do this we need to create the artwork, which means treating it as a part time job. It takes us approximately 12 hours of work to create an entire colour page of story, that's approximately 2400 hours of work to be done. 100 days and nights none stop! The majority of the money would be used to fund the creation and colouration of the artwork. As well as this, we need to upgrade our digital equipment so that the process of digitising the artwork is smoother, quicker and generally less traumatic (Everything is initially hand-drawn).
Immunis will be a web-comic, and will be released in an episodic style. We need to pay a web designer to update our website to be quick-loading, pretty to look at and capable of showcasing our story in the best possible way.
If we reach our goal, we will initially update our Immunis website and set about creating the first chapter which would begin to appear online about 2 or 3 weeks later. After that, the gorgeously gory artwork and gripping storyline will continue until we have finished to entire story. 


The artwork in Immunis will take on different styles in different chapters. Each chapter has it's own mood and it's own feel in terms of story development and the artwork will follow suit. Sometimes colour will be used, sometimes the art may take a darker twist. The story suits this kind of explorative art perfectly as it spreads across many locations, characters, situations and perspectives. Whatever the mood and feel of Immunis, we guarantee it will be entertaining and awesome to look at.
In the past, between us, we have created other smaller projects in our own time. See them here:
These projects were/are small enough to be created casually and over a long period of time. Immunis however, is a much bigger project and we can't wait to get going with it! Check out the awards opposite and help us out if anything takes your interest.


£1 - £10:
Thank you! Every penny counts, and we appreciate your support and interest. We will be placing a thank-you page on our new website once it is live, and your name will appear on that page (only if you want it to of course).
£10 - £25:
Signed prints and chapter 1. We will send the whole of chapter 1 to you as a PDF, before it goes online. We'll also sign a glossy print of the gruesome logo (see above) and send that to you too. We also have Immunis key-rings that we'll be sending out with pleasure.
£25 - £35:
A Zombie T-shirt! A quality T-shirt will be winging it's way to you, with a huge print of the gruesome woman from our logo (see above) on the front of it. We'll also send the whole of chapter 1 in PDF form, before it goes online, and we'll sign a glossy print of the logo and send that too, along with an Immunis key-ring. 
NEW! £25:
*NEW!* A limited edition, signed physical print of the graphic novel - Zombie Shift. ( We have managed to secure a print run of 100 copies of Zombie Shift. It's a whole 100 pages of gorgeous artwork and twisting storyline and the prints we have will be numbered and signed. THIS IS A ONE OFF! We have no more of these when they have gone. We'll also throw in the 6x4 signed print of the gory Immunis woman on our logo, and the Immunis keyring.
£35 - £50:
A gorgeous quality, A4 signed print of a page of your choosing. Pick a gory one - it'll be full colour and good to look at. We'll also send you an awesome zombie T-shirt, a signed Immunis logo print and a key-ring. Plus chapter 1 in PDF form before it goes live.
£50 - £75:
You become a zombie! We will take your likeness, turn you into a disgusting zombie and send you a gorgeous A5 print (signed if you like) of it. We'll also send you a digital version so you can use it as a profile picture. Plus you'll get an amazing zombie T-shirt, a signed print of the Immunis logo and a key-ring. Plus a PDF of chapter 1 before it goes online.
£75 - £100:
You become a zombie IN the comic! We will create your likeness as a feature zombie in chapter 2, and then kill you off spectacularly. You will also receive a digital version of it for an incredible profile picture. Plus we'll send you an A4 print of a page of your choosing (it could even be the page featuring you if you can wait), and we'll send you a quality zombie T-shirt, an artist-signed print of the Immunis logo and a cool key-ring. Plus a PDF of chapter 1 before it goes live.
£100 - £500:
Original concept zombie artwork - this is not a print. It is a piece of hand-drawn artwork on quality paper. It will be signed by the artist if you like, and sent to you in a secure, flat envelope. We will also send you an awesome zombie T-shirt, a signed print of the Immunis gruesome logo and a cool key-ring, plus a PDF of chapter 1 before anyone else sees it.
£500 - £1000:
You become a main character! You will appear as a main character in our story for at least a whole chapter. Your part will be fairly major and you will feature heavily. We'll also send you the original artwork created during the process. Plus a zombie T-shirt, an artist-signed print of the Immunis gruesome logo and a cool key-ring. Plus we'll send you a PDF of the first chapter before anyone else sees it.
£1000 or more:
An original oil painting of you as a zombie! You likeness will be painted, oil on A3 canvas for to put pride of place over your fireplace. We will ship your painting to you as soon as it is finished, along with an awesome zombie T-shirt, a signed piece of original zombie artwork, a cool key-ring and a PDF of the first chapter before anyone else sees it.
We will also consider requests - if you are an organisation for example and wish to back us, we can create bespoke artwork. Email us with offers and requests.
Thanks for your support!


The story is written and we're almost ready to begin the artwork. This requires a page by page breakdown of the story and at least 10 weeks of drawing to create the digital artwork necessary to tell the story of Immunis. The funding from Kickstarter will help us to fulfil this. Immunis is an online episodic story spanning approximately 200 pages and we aim to create those pages as smoothly as possible. Delays may occur, but we can work around this as we deliver the story in an episodic manner.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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