Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Author Alec Ward has turned a normal blog into a zombie related story! It details the life of 20 year old Sam, who is trying to make his way through the world after the zombie apocalypse has happened. 

Sam's entries in the diary vary from 1 to 3 days, depending on what's happening around him.

This is a great story to follow along with, and for those of us that are just joining Sam on his journey, Sam is currently on "Day 84" so it will be a while before we catch up with him!

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Welcome to the diary of Sam. Sam is your everyday twenty year old, he's just finished university and he's unemployed looking for work. He likes video games, playing football, chasing girls and killing the un-dead. Since the apocalypse he's only really been able to do one of those things, seeing as surviving is proving to be much tougher than he first thought. The threat of corpsers, the men in white jumpsuits and the lack of food and supplies is making dying a very pressing issue. With the help of a few other survivors, Sam's doing his best to scrape together any shred of normality. Not that there's anything normal about his new life.