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ZOMBIE SHUFFLE is a fast-paced zombie card game friends and I dreamed of back in 2011. We didn't know how it would work or how we could make it happen but we knew we wanted a lively game that used the standard 52-card deck.
We established early on that the face cards would be the Zombies, the aces would be Survivors and the 2 through 10 cards would be Weapons and Power Ups to upgrade your Survivor. As the game grew we liked the idea of laying all the zombie cards face-down in a "Z" shape where the Survivors battled them one at a time. We also feel that forcing ourselves to use the 52-card deck resulted in a super fun and easy-to-learn zombie card game.
By the time we reached the current version of Zombie Shuffle, we found the right balance of strategy vs. chance, zombies vs. humans, cooperative vs. competitive and ultimately created a game that we are very proud to share with the world.
Zombie Shuffle is a game for 2 to 4 players that lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. Just like in any zombie story the object of the game is to survive the zombie apocalypse. Before you begin, you set up the Zombie Cards in this nifty "Z" shape and pick your Survivor Card to represent you in the game.
Everyone is dealt 5 cards that are a random set of weapons, some of whichoffer a utility function, but ALL of them can be used to Attack Zombies and other Survivors.
Zombie Shuffle cycles between a Night Phase, where you must defeat incoming zombies, and a Day Phase that offers the opportunity to prepare for the next zombie attack. The game begins when the first zombie in the "Z" is flipped. Survivors must Attack the zombie with ANY 2 through 10 card corresponding with that zombie's suit.
The winner keeps the Zombie card to track their number of kills. If a player does not lay down a card corresponding with that zombie's suit then they are considered Attacked and either lose equipped armor or become a zombie!
Before the next zombie card is flipped, Survivors can use the Zombie CureEquip Armor (which protects from Attacks), Steal another Survivor's Weapons/Supplies or may instead decide to Attack another Survivor. 
Just like Attacking a Zombie, the Attack Card must correspond with the Survivor you're Attacking. If a Survivor is a Zombie and loses one of these battles then they are Dead for the remainder of the game. The other Survivor gets to keep their card, again to track their number of kills, and scavenge the dead player's cards.
The Day Phase ends when  everyone has had a chance to play a Utility or Attack Card and everyone has drawn enough cards to have 5 cards in their hand again.
The winner is the Survivor with the most kills at the end of the game.This has been a quick rundown of the game play and there are a few more awesome quirks to Zombie Shuffle not listed above. (For example, each Survivor has a unique Melee Weapon that can give them a Power-Up when equipped.
We still have 11 cards left to design because we wanted to offer some of the zombies' likenesses as a gift option to you all. We also have a fewideas for the Jokers, which will cost extra per deck for printing, so those will depend on reaching some extended goals. Stay tuned as we update this page with new card designs and post a more-extended tutorial video on how to play.
In May 2012 we started the graphic design company Feels Right Design.We deliver graphic design and printing solutions for small businesses, non-profit organizations, political groups, comedy troupes and more. We seek projects that focus on social justice and community activism.
Zombie Shuffle is the first product produced by our company. We hope that it provides supplemental revenue so that we can continue to offer low prices and provide graphic work for community organizations.
We would love to share this game with as many people as possible. The more we receive from Kickstarter the more we can keep costs down on printing. The printing companies we are working with have very high minimum order quantities and $6,500 is the absolute minimum to get us started.
If we reach $10,000 then we can upgrade to the highest quality possible and introduce a few new cards to the deck. Stay tuned as we update this section, we will introduce new gifts if we begin to reach these goals.
Once we reach our funding we will send our order to be printed as soon as all designs are finished. Because some of the Kickstarter gifts affect the Zombie Shuffle deck we have allowed some extra time to finish those designs. The printing is expected to take 6-8 weeks. We plan to have all decks and gifts, unless otherwise specified, delivered by August 2013. 
We hope this is just the beginning! Zombie Shuffle is only the first gamewe're releasing and if this funding is met then we want to release more exciting games just like it. We already have another specific game in mind, that also uses the 52-card deck, that we'll announce on here if we meet our goals.
Much love to the Kickstarter Community!
- Blaise Sewell, founder of Feels Right Design


We believe the only risk is getting all of the customized cards finished for the official deck. However, we've set a deadline (April 15th, 2013) and will move forward if these individuals have not contacted us by then.
We promise to keep you updated during the entire process, from design to print, delivery to satisfaction. We can't wait to hear about your experience with Zombie Shuffle!


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