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KICKSTARTER PROJECT: 100 Days of Death - The Graphic Novel

Artist, writer, and a creator of dreams and nightmares: World Renowned Comic Legend Tommy Castillo brings you into the world of "100 Days of Death" the Graphic Novel.
Be a part of this explosive blockbuster franchise!
You can walk with The Dead, or you can be a Survivor. Which will you be when the end is here? "100 Days of Death" is not a quiet story of running and hiding - it is a tale of cutting edge survival!  How many times have you laughed and said "what would you do 'if' and 'when' The Dead rise?"  "100 Days of Death" is a hard-hitting zombie tale that might make you rethink your plan during the end of days. And trust us, you won't be able to put it down after you've picked it up!
This all began in one of those moments, when the question "How long would you survive?" plagued the thoughts of visionary writer Ray Ellingsen.  After much contemplation and a hundred thousand+ words later, a novel emerged to answer that very question.
This tale follows a man and his dog on a journey as an apocalyptic virus sweeps across the planet, destroying humanity in a few short months. Though he has lived most of his life as a loner, the narrator of the story suddenly finds himself the head of a misfit surrogate family, and amidst the chaos, he finds a connection and a bond with others he'd never known before The Fall. Our hero and his companions witness, all too close, humanity's needs and twisted desires as the world tumbles deeper into darkness. To top it off, The Dead have risen to consume what is left of mankind. Some days are worse than others....
Tommy Castillo equates this tale to "Die Hard" meets "The Outlaw Josey Wales" set in the world of "Night of the Living Dead".  Simply put, "this is a Badass tale of your darkest fears, compounded with a few million creatures of the undead who want you for dinner".
Now the excitement really begins!  Moving Pictures Media Group, a successful independent film production company based out of Hollywood, California, is in pre-production for the "100 Days of Death" Feature Film, which is slated to start filming early 2013. In addition, this franchise will be accompanied by the official video game, phone app, and of course, the "100 Days of Death" Graphic Novel" by the Master of the Macabre, Tommy Castillo.
This is where we need your help and you get to be part of our Carnival of Death!
We are raising money to create the "100 Days of Death" four issue Graphic Novel. From famed comic artist, Tommy Castillo, will come a stirring adaptation of the newest chapter in Zombie lore. This version differs from the film and novel, in that it is not only drawn by the legendary Tommy Castillo, but Tommy will also be showing off his writing skills as he adapts this tale to fit his vision.
Tommy is a 24-year veteran artist who has been sought out by the field's largest companies: DC Comics, Paramount Pictures, Warhammer, and Rolling Stone Magazine - just to name a few.  Tommy has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight, Toe Tags with horror legend George Romero, Alice in Wonderland, King Kong and The Darkside of Oz.  So many credits we can't fit them all here!  
Here's a peek at some of the preliminary artwork that Tommy has put together for the graphic novel, "100 Days of Death".
To see some of Tommy's previous work, take a look below and check out his website!  And join his Facebook page to see the book come to life!
Now it's time to come together to help us ensure that Tommy Castillo gets the funding and the fan support he needs to craft the "100 Days of Death" 4 Issue Graphic Novel story arc!
For an inside peek to the Novel (and where Tommy's inspiration lies), here are some Book Excerpts from "100 Days of Death".
A note from the writer.
"Comics have always been a huge part of my life. Early on, I discovered that while I loved the artwork of a good comic, it was the storytelling that really inspired me to become a writer. Through comics I discovered adventure (Conan, Tarzan), learned about morality and heroism (Spiderman, Green Lantern), and even acquired knowledge about politics (Howard the Duck- not the crappy movie, but the original comics).
This Kickstarter campaign is pretty important to me because it feels like I’m finally coming full circle: the fact that my novel, 100 Days of Death has become the source material for Tommy Castillo’s Graphic novel thrills me beyond words. I can’t wait to read what he comes up with. I'll always be a comic fan. So, to everyone out there who’s supporting this project, thanks for helping to make this happen."
Ray Ellingsen
Los Angeles, 2013
To learn more about this electrifying new Zombie franchise you can check out the “100 Days of Death” Facebook Page"100 Days of Death" Twitter Page, or the “100 Days of Death” website, featuring a blog by our official“Zomboligist” Dr. Z.
If you still have questions, we have answers.  To contact us directly, please send us an email.  Looking forward to surviving with you!


You know, the folks at MPMG sat down and really thought about the challenges that come with the creation of the “100 Days of Death” graphic novel. There are 2 forseeable problems. Take a look.
1) The biggest obstacle that we’ll have to overcome is the time obstacle. Tommy is such a sought after artist, he’s got loads of companies lining up for his dark and twisted art. It will of course be important for him to schedule his time and get the work to us so we can get it to the publishing house. However, to give you an example of what a pro our main man Mr. Castillo is, we gave him a rough concept of the “100 Days of Death” story and a few days later he requested a Skype meeting to show us some concept art. We were floored. And we’re not worried. Tommy is an expert and we have total faith that he will get the graphic novel completed in the allotted time so you can have it in your Zombie Loving Hands before you know it!
2) A real Zombie Apocalypse. We can, with all certainty, state that if a real Zombie Apocalypse befalls mankind before we are due to send your graphic novel…you probably ain’t gettin’ it. If a virus sweeps through the nation destroying mankind in its wake and creating a new breed of flesh eating, walking undead, please do not expect to receive your graphic novel in the mail. Nothing personal. It’s fight or flight, my friend. And we’ll be flying!!

Other than the chance of a real Zombie Apocalypse, there is very little risk in donating to the creation of the “100 Days of Death” graphic novel. We at Moving Pictures Media Group are nothing but professional and can call ourselves a successful production house due to our ability to get the job done. Tommy Castillo has created his reputation as one of the best comic artists in the industry not only because he’s brilliant, but because he’s reliable and easy to work with. His credits speak for themselves and we have total faith in him. The risk is low. If you want to be a part of the “100 Days of Death” graphic novel, don’t hesitate! Come join the fun!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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