Sunday, February 24, 2013


Zombie 3D is directed by John Rock, who wrote the script with George Savino. Rock is the pseudonym of Gianluca Petrazzi, best known as a master of weapons and stunt coordinator for numerous films such as The Italian Job, The Last House in the Woods, Quantum of Solace andThe Twilight Saga: New Moon.
In a not too far future, an unknown virus turns human beings into zombie fighters. HWU (Human World Union) is an army trained to fight this terrible plague spreading all over the planet. During the return of troops from another battle zone, a radio signal is picked up by the Locust 1 assault unit of the Alfa Division that seems to say, "Go back to pick us up." This forces the six men of Locust 1 back to the hell from which they just escaped, disobeying orders.
But what they thought they knew was only the tip of an iceberg; waiting for them are not only their missing comrades, but the root of evil itself. Will they be able to eradicate it?

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