Saturday, February 23, 2013

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: The Zombie Hoodie : Camoflage for the Coming Apocalypse

Hey Kickstarters,

My name is Ken Talbert I am the lead Mad Scientist at Gooder Labs LLC.  Over the years we have created some waves in the fashion world by using new design techniques and innovative print methods.  Seven years ago we created the Original Scorn™ Skeleton Hoodie ( )
At this time we did not have a clue about how the fashion industry worked - we were just a group of artists and printers trying to make a living.  Over the next year we spent our savings and every dollar we made off the hoodie trying to promote our great Scorn™ t-shirt line.  We went to the "Magic Apparel" show in Vegas and we also set up at the Menswear show at America's Mart in Atlanta.  During this time some of the larger designer lines with deep pockets and celebrity contacts started copying our work.  We learned quickly that you have to protect your brand at all costs unless you want to take a hard beating.
After this we went back to basics printing for larger brands and institutional projects.  We kinda just went back to what we knew and licked our wounds. HOWEVER, we have decided to revitalize the line again with a vengeance!

Enter The Zombie Hoodie

Working with the artwork of the talented Geoff Pratt we have designed a killer hoodie which is both vibrant and stylish, as well as impressive in its scope.  This will be the first item from the Remixed Scorn™ line.  Next up will be the Great Authors works of Lovecraft, Poe and the Brothers Grimm.
Think about it - this hoodie serves multiple purposes...
  • 1 ) When the dead start walking the Earth again they are going to go after anything that doesn't look like them. What better way to blend in than with a stylish hoodie covered front and back with zombie-style artwork?
  • 2 ) The zombie artwork is realistic enough to fool a zombie, but still "artistic" enough that you won't get picked off by survivors with rifles.
  • 3 ) It's going to get very cold when the worldwide energy grid collapses due to zombies, so you'll need a hoodie anyways.
The way I see it, you can't afford *not* to see this project succeed.


     We have been making t-shirts for and hoodies for 8 years.  We know exactly what we need to do to bring this product to market, and we have already begun the initial phases. The primary cost involved in the production is the tooling up of our print shop for the larger format of the artwork. It's basically the same as what we do every day, just this is going to be considerably larger.  We will have to invest in new equipment and much larger screens to tackle this beast.

A truly rewarding experience

     We want to make this project rewarding for everyone so we are leveraging some of our capabilities to produce great rewards for every level of contribution.  We are offering some great swag made by us at our shop.  Check it out below and on the side bar.  When the hoodie is released to the public you won't be able to get one as cheap as I am offering them to Kickstarter.  It's just one more way of showing our appreciation!


A lot of people wonder what are the risks and challenges of getting the job done. Really, there are not many. We've been doing this for a very long time, and we know exactly what we are getting ourselves into. The reason we need help from Kickstarter is due to the need for bigger presses, bigger printers, and just an overall bigger scale to this design. We are already 110% dedicated to screen printing some of the coolest stuff out there and we plan on making a big splash with this one, too.
Much Love, and try to stay alive!


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