Thursday, February 21, 2013

EXCLUSIVE FROM THE DAILY DEAD: Lew (Axel) Temple talks The Walking Dead Episode 310 “Home”

"This episode of The Walking Dead featured quite a few interesting character moments, including a number of scenes featuring Axel and Carol. For today’s special feature, we have an exclusive interview with Lew Temple, who plays Axel on the show. We also have some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos he shared with us.
**Spoiler Warning: Do not read this interview if you have not watched episode 310**"

Click here for this great interview!


  1. That's ... int'restin'.

    But seriously, that's cute, he tried to appeal for the death of his character. I can't blame him though, I really didn't want Axel to be dead. As soon as he got shot I sat in front of my TV with my mouth agape trying not to yell. 'WTF?'

  2. Right? I couldn't believe how upset I was at him being killed off!