Thursday, January 24, 2013

BEWARE! The Necroa Virus Update for Plague Inc. will be arriving soon

Today, Ndemic has released some new details about the new upcoming update for Plague Inc. The update will add a new virus to the game called the Necroa Virus and it will open an branch of mutation that will enable it to reanimate the humans that it's killed, thus turning them into zombies. How bad ass is that?

The new population category appears as well, so now you have to keep track of who is healthy, infected, dead and who is Zombified. Once people have turned to zombies they'll begin attacking and infecting the healthy humans. Those that are not infected start a new organization called Z Com and it is Z Com's mission to fight the zombie threat. You can now also control regions of zombies to attack the population zones with a feature called Active Abilities. This also lets you reanimate the zombies that have been killed.

The Necroa Virus update, will hopefully have a February release and will be available as a $1.99 IAP or unlocked for free if you're able to complete the game on the brutal difficulty. It should bring a new style of play to a game that has been consistently receiving 5 star ratings in the Play Store. If you haven't tried Plague Inc. as of yet you can get a peek at the core game for free in the Play Store.The Necroa Virus comes with 5 new genes for additional customization options, as well as new algorithms, evolution options, government responses, events and more that make it feel unlike any other plague before it. The update also brings new achievements, more languages (French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), some UI changes and the usual performance tweaks.

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